Below are a series of photos to help you get a feel for the orphanage and children a bit better. We also encourage anyone who has photos or video they’ve taken while visiting the orphanage to contact us so that we can add them to our gallery.

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Pictures from old orphanage

These images are from when the children use to stay in the village Mae Tawo.

Bike ride to the orphanage

In July 2008, 22 children from the orphanage rode their newly donated bicycles from Mae Sot to the orphanage.

Christmas 2008

These images are from our Christmas party in 2008.

The new orphanage location

A small selection of images of the new Safe Haven Orphanage location.

Water tanks being built

Images of the new tank stand and water tanks being built and installed at Safe Haven.

Community building project

The community building project was started by DPRN sometime ago. And now with many thanks to the 8 Mile Plains Church, Brisbane, Australia, the windows, doors, walls and roof are now nearing completion. They are also helping the children to build a basketball court.

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