Sick Children

June 7th, 2007 Posted in Blog

After we had a party at the orphanage I came back to Mae Sot at the orphanage office. At night time around 10 o”clock the phone rang and I picked up the phone and they told me that one of my children was in the hospital. It was Doo who is 20 years old. She is studying nursing training in Nakhounsawan four hours away. She has a kidney infection and gastritis and then the next day I went to Nakhounsawan to see her and check her and I decided if she has to stay in the hospital for many days I will move her to Mae Sot. When I went to meet with the doctor he told me that she will be ok and the next day she left the hospital and then I told Doo that I can not stay, because I have a friends who want to visit the orphanage so I had to go back to Mae Sot that night. I arrived in Mae Sot around 9.30 pm and went to meet my friend, Tom to visit the orphanage for the next day. And on the next day on the 2nd of June my friends and I went to the orphanage. When we arrive to the orphanage I saw three of the kids had malaria. They have been to the clinic and are taking medicine and hopefully everyone will be healthy soon!

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