Rainy season, and new handicrafts

June 2nd, 2007 Posted in Blog

Although we have had a week of dry weather, rainy season has definately begun. This means no more afternoon swims with the kids down in the river, though it also means things have cooled off and everthing is green and lush again. The kids are back in school again, and seem to be happy about it, at least most of them. We continue to hold English classes for them on the weekends and I have been teaching art classes every evening. They seem never to get bored with painting and some of them are getting really good! Tasanee has the making all kinds of new arts and crafts for them to sell in the internet shop. Now besides the bracelets there are also handwoven Karen bags, handmade journals, and musical dolls. Her latest idea involved treking into the jungle to collect bamboo which will be made into picture frames to frame the kids work. Tasanee, always coming up with new ideas, also figured out how to make the bamboo into flower holders, and candle holders! Things are going well and the kids are healthy and happy. More updates will follow soon!

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